Arte Xávega is an artisan fishing technique with centuries of tradition in Portugal. Practised along several coastal communities in the Portuguese Atlantic coast and a part of the Portuguese historical and cultural heritage.
It involves hauling nets from the shore which are first released offshore with a boat. In the past, the hauling was done by animals or even solely by men. Nowadays it’s done with the help of a tractor but there’s still some significant manpower involved to help guiding the nets.
This type of fishing involves 20 to 30 men, one net and some ropes, one boat and, at least, two tractors. Normally there’s a third one to quickly transport the catch to the market.

Normally they start in the end of the day and work troughout the night. There's no schedule or best place, they go by their instinct
 or to the place/time where/when they were lucky the day before.
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