Shepherding is one of the oldest occupations and is slowly disappearing over the years. It began more than 50.000 years ago when sheep were kept for their milk, meat and especially their wool. Today they are still kept for that but the shepherds are no longer needed as most of the lawn are in the same propriety as the cattle.

The cattle is now kept in big farms and they can walk freely as the soil is fenced. Someone just needs to open the door early in the morning and close it before dark. If the cattle needs some guidance the farmer will probably go on his quad bike, not by foot with  Shepherd Dogs.

A shepherd and his dogs on a quest to find a good lawn guiding hundreds of sheep over roads or rugged mountains it is an image from the past. You will have to go deep into the mountains to find some. The last time I tried to find some I spent five days driving and only manage to found two.
Glória, 70 years old. Azenhas, Celorico da Beira - Portugal.
João Andrade Cantarinha, 74 years old. Folgozinho, Guarda - Portugal.
Mr. Artur, Vilaça, 81 years old. Montalegre - Portugal.
Armindo Bernardo, 67 years old. Trinta, Guarda - Portugal.
Mr. Luís, 74 years old. Azenhas, Celorico da Beira - Portugal.
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